I have no guilt when I say that I hate margarine.  I understand why it is used...  I know it has a place in the world... but I just don't like it.  A food that is just steps away from being plastic I just don't want to eat!  Now I know, shortening is also practically the most evil non-food product out there -- but it cookies sometimes butter creates to soft a cookie... I will keep working though to replace shortening in my recipes though - I do not like it.  Nope I don't...  which brings me to...  Spreadable butter.

I think that this is a great solution!  I have not tried my cookies with it yet but I am hopeful that the fat and moisture content will support happy crispy cookies....  Here's to the experiment!

Meanwhile, if you are interested in butter that stays spreadable right from the fridge!  Here it is....

Spreadable Butter!!!!!

1/2 c butter
3 Tbsp sunflower oil (use which ever neutral flavoured oil you like)
1 tsp yogurt
2 tsp 18% cream

Blend in a mini food processor until combined... put into a container and put it in the fridge!  Enjoy on toast the next morning with no sogginess!  

Also - you can do add ins!  Add some garlic and chives....

curry is very interesting on sandwiches...

whatever your tastes enjoy!