I am passionate about a good spice cupboard.  I would almost consider myself a spice snob...  I know the difference in the types of cinnamon and enjoy the taste profiles from having different types in my cupboard.  

 I love a good curry powder! It should have sweetness and a pungency that is pleasant and not woody to the nose...

I really love spice blends.  From English Mixed Spice to  Chai Baking blends...  they all open new worlds and special dishes available only with those particular flavour profiles.  I do not have any old mystery spices in the cupboard - rather an array of mouth tingling, provocative, dare I say... sexy spices.

From where do I get such sexy spices???  Silk Road Spice Merchant in Calgary.


They have a dazzling array of amazingly fresh and entirely amazing spices!  They are worth every penny you will spend to get the pretty yet functional jars.  The most awesome labels...  and then the spices...  

Your first box with overwhelm your nostrils with joy!  Yes, they will go into a little bit of shock at the fresh spices before you -- I know that the poultry seasoning alone has had many people swooning over my turkey at holidays!  You can smell all the various parts of the seasoning -- it doesn't really smell like traditional poultry seasoning - rather like a collection of spices working in harmony to provide you with the most amazing poultry ever.  I do not kid.

SO - check them out.  

They have sections where you can learn about your spices... where you can decide to be daring!  Or play it safe... They have no salt added blends...  pure spices...  and so many other things.

NOW - a recipe that uses Silk Road?  Everything I cook uses it.  Everything.  Right now I am using a marinade on some steaks....  I have included it just for you!


Super Steak Marinade:

1/2 c Braggs Seasoning
1/2 cup oil
2 TBSP Silk Road St.Laurent Steak Spice
1/4 c lemon juice
1 tsp garlic
1/4 cup Heinz WorcestershireSauce (gf)

Marinade and then BBQ!

Very tasty!