These started out as bars.... I promised bars... well... like many other things in this world...  sometimes ya just gotta have balls.  

So - Energy Balls.  After school snack balls....  what ever the kids call them that day...  Super Balls...  They prefer balls to bars.  Now I have not read into this too deeply but feel that they were much easier to eat as a ball... and smaller so popping on the run was totally doable.  Of course, being that the kids are mostly on the run to do something - this works better for us.  Shape as you wish!

Super PB Balls

1 c PB
1/4 c agave syrup (can use maple or honey if that is what you have)
1 c processed GF Chex cereal of your choice...  the kids prefer plain rice.
1/2 c non fat powdered milk - I have also used whey protein isolate.
1/2 c chocolate chips
2/3 c unsweetened coconut
1/4 cup quinoa flakes

Put all the stuff into a large ziploc bag.  Really.  Not kidding.

Give it to a child to mush until it is thoroughly mixed.  It should not be tacky but crumbly.  If it is too tacky - add some additional quinoa flakes.

When you are happy that the mixture is completely mixed.  Check and see if the mixture is dryish or tacky... the balls take some squishing so -- drier is better.

Take about 2 Tbsp of mix and press into a ball - don't give up!  The ball with hold and look a bit shiny.  Plop into a container and repeat until the mix is gone... this will make about a dozen... I am approximately right on because the kids were eating the balls as we made them.

They pronounced them yummy and ran off!  Great sign.  Store in fridge or freezer for about a week.  Enjoy!