There are literally millions of flapjack recipes out there - all of them slightly different and that is the key!  You have to determine if you like your flapjack crunchy or chewy - soft or hard...  caramel or not...  Because there are very few ingredients to these little gems - you have to choose your flavour, temperature, and technique very carefully - everything matters to them.  Bake them in the oven that is too hot you get a crunchy bar that is very golden...  but a slower over will produce a chewier bar without the caramel overtones....  Pick a dark sugar and you have more caramelly overtones with a crunchier crust - but white sugar produces a mild oat bar that is a bit more compact...

So, I will post what worked for me.  It is not my recipe really - it is owned but several thousand grannies that have baked these for many years - and many others that have posted what worked for their families.  I am entirely indebted to  This person has done a great amount of research into what makes a great flapjack.  Well worth the read - you too will be off to the races in finding out your flapjack nirvana to find what works for you!

Clan Sinclair Flapjacks:

(Gluten free oats only please! I love Only Oats!)

Preheat oven to 325 F

Line a 9 by 11 pan with parchment paper
Measure into a bowl:
300 grams quick cook oats
200 grams Rolled Oats

Measure into a saucepan and melt until blended together:
1 cup butter
1/2 cup Lyle's golden syrup (no subs or it doesn't taste right)
3/4 cup Coconut Sugar

Do not let this boil.  Keep the heat low and gentle and just enough to have it blend together

Add the oats when the sugar syrup is blended and mix well

Place into prepared pan and pack it down firmly.

Place into the oven and bake for about 22 to 25 min. (check color to know how you like it)

Score them when they come out of the oven - they will still be soft.

Let them cool completely.