We finally made it to our new home!  The new restaurants and new shopping experiences...  I am really looking forward to documenting our trip across the country as well as all the wonderful finds we have discovered now that we are here.  

But first...  one of our first fab West Coast recipes! 

Quick Apple Smash

Possible Ingredients:

4 cups frozen apples (or any other fruit really)
2 tbsp of Cinnamon
Honey or maple syrup to taste
2 Tbsp of Lemon Juice
Hint of vanilla or vanilla nut is also really nice
Coconut oil to saute (or you can use ghee)

Anything goes!  I used a gluten free granola on mine but the kids favourite smushed cereal on theirs...  

Whipped topping:

Use coconut milk whipped cream or devonshire cream (carnation makes a canned cream that is cheaper and still tasty)

I am part of a fruit and veg buying coop (more on that later) where I bought a case of apples.  This was terribly stressful at the time as we had just moved in.  But how can you say no to a case of apples for about 20 bucks.  You can't.

So, my husband and I peeled and sliced our way into several bags of soon to be frozen apples waiting for inspiration as to whether we make pie or apple crumble or something else entirely!

Well, as it would happen, we ran out of yummy breakfast feasting stuff -- I am still restocking at this point - and I needed a quick and healthy breakfast my kids would gobble up quickly as it was a school morning...

Apple Smash to the rescue!  Honestly it is nothing more than frying up some frozen apples in coconut oil, adding lemon juice, cinnamon, and a dash of honey -- it won't even need thickener...  Saute it up until the apples are cooked and saucy!

While they are cooking...

Mix up a batch of coconut whipped cream - here is the recipe if you need it!  (Always keep a can of milk in the fridge!)  If you can consume dairy -- think of buying some carnation whipped cream or devonshire cream... both are amazing... so is yogurt if you are so inclined but my kids won't eat it...

Spoon the cooked apples into bowls
You can also use cereal or just a mix of chia seeds, your favourite smushed nut, and a sprinkle of flax

Top with the "whipped cream".... and serve.  Took less than 10 min from start to finish.

Possibilities are really endless!  Enjoy!

Thanks to Nom Nom Paleo for the granola recipe!  and JK Gourmet where I buy my seeds, emergency granola, and almond flour!