Sneaky Veggie Sauce (as written by Leslie!)

My son was convinced that veggies would kill him so I had to come up with alternatives. This is quite a large recipe. I normally portioned it up and froze it for later use. Works well for pizzas.

Four liter jars of pasta sauce. No particular brand, it's going to be the base.
Five pounds of carrots, rough chop.
Six good sized red or yellow peppers. Rough chop. Don't use green unless you're going for alien brain style sauce. 
One pound ground beef
Four large or six small sized onions, diced.
One large package of mushrooms, sliced.
Six cloves of garlic, minced.

Spices you will need:

Rooster sauce (also known as Sriracha sauce) 2 to 4 teaspoons
Tabasco sauce, tablespoon.
Worcestershire sauce tablespoon
Basil, one tablespoon
Oregano, one tablespoon
Rosemary, one tablespoon
Parsley, one tablespoon
Pepper, two tablespoons
Salt, to taste

Optional: Kibbeh spice mix, one tablespoon

If you're using a food processor:

Rough chop the the carrots and peppers.
Pour a small portion of tomato sauce into the processor bowl and slowly add the carrots and peppers. Chop till they are a puree.
Add the finished puree to a stockpot and simmer on low.

In a separate pan saute the ground beef with the onions, garlic and mushrooms. Once finished add meat mixture to the stock pot.

Add seasonings while stirring and simmer sauce mixture for four to six hours on low.
Add salt to taste at the end.