With the whole arsenic in rice debacle...  I was left scrambling to find another whole grain (or two) to shore up our meal plans.  Although quite pricey, Cavena oats are a very tasty addition!  I am aware that some cannot consume oats - and this post is not for you... but for those who can and who are looking for an alternative that is home grown, Cavena Oats may be it for you!

 First off, I love that their slogan is:  "Not your Grannies Oats!"

Cavena Oats can be used as a substitute for rice in many recipes!  I cooked it up as a traditional (and boring) side dish to experiment... and the kids really did like it!  Boring or not, it was filling and satisfying as it took on the sweet and sour sauce I used on my meatballs.  

But it's similarity to rice would end there.

Cavena Oats are low glycemic.  For those of us that have to watch those kind of things - I can attest that it did not raise by blood sugar as rice would.  You also could not eat as much of the stuff.  It is very filling and satisfying.

Cavena Oats also have a high glucan level - this helps to lower cholesterol.  Again, for a diabetic very useful!  For the rest, also great as it helps to improve your cardiovascular health!  Heart healthy is a good thing!

Cavena Oats are High Protein!  I have been told that high performance athletes love this stuff!  These oats have an easily digested protein content with very high levels of lycine.  It is called a Slow Carb!

I have found and purchased them at Well.ca - but the website now indicates that they can also be found at Bulk Barns across Nova Scotia!  Very exciting!

I hope that you take advantage of trying out this cool new Canadian product.  Support local!

This table, produced on their website, is very clear on the benefits of eating these oats! 

So, rather than posting a recipe today (really I just cooked them in my rice cooker...)  I will instead point you in the direction of their very interesting website!  Cavena Oats!