There is much to be said about moving -- not usually much good.  My good friend has reminded me several times that moving is right up there with the major stressors in your life.  I agree with that.

But, then there is this time after the boxes are unpacked and you start to feel like this is really home -  and the stress lifts. I have always found it odd that when it starts to smell like your house then it is actually "Home".  It is a wonderful transition when you start to remember where you stashed stuff - and you have done a big clean and you know that dirt on the bathroom is actually your dirt.  Weird but it is true... Somehow it is better if it is your own dirt.

Even better, you find the time for your hobbies again.  Phone calls start to be returned and emails are answered in a timely manner... you get back into the groove with your new bill dates and when everything happens... the calendar starts to fill up with your new chapter and you know -- you are finally Home.  

Organization, for me, is a major way that I deal with move stress -- or really any stress.  I feel that if I can organize the chaos around me then the rest of my life that I may not be able to control will fall in line.  I cannot say that it always works or that it is the best way to approach things...  but it seems to work for me.

This section of my online life will try to show you what I am doing and with who's help I am able to do it!